At Teal & Roses we believe that what is on the inside of your cake is just as important as the appearance, and so we have developed these flavours using the finest ingredients we can find. All of our cakes are made using traditional methods and are baked to order ensuring that you get to enjoy the cake at its freshest. Our cakes are enrobed in a layer of chocolate ganache and covered in a thin layer of superior sugarpaste, creating the perfect foundation for lots of pretty details. 

Salted Caramel

A new favourite - soft and moist caramel cake layered with a salted caramel meringue buttercream and a layer of salted caramel sauce.

Strawberries & Cream

Strawberry sponge infused with real strawberry syrup, layered with a vanilla Italian meringue buttercream and strawberry preserves.

Cookies & Cream

A vanilla or rich chocolate sponge cake layered with crushed cookies in a buttercream filling. 

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Raspberry sponge cake infused with raspberry fruit syrup and layered with white chocolate buttercream. 

Signature Vanilla

Our most popular flavour to date! A moist sponge cake made with Madagascan vanilla beans, layered with silky Italian meringue buttercream and raspberry preserves.  

Zesty Lemon

A delicately light sponge cake flecked with lemon zest, layered with the finest lemon curd and a delicious lemon meringue buttercream.

Light Almond

Another one of our most requested cakes! A sumptuous light almond cake, layered with almond Italian meringue buttercream and optional raspberry preserves.

Sweet Coconut

A light coconut cake baked with finely desiccated coconut, and filled with sublime coconut meringue buttercream.

Red Velvet

A traditional American recipe, this striking red buttermilk cake with hint of cocoa is layered with a white chocolate buttercream

Rich Triple Chocolate

A very rich chocolate mud cake made with Belgian chocolate, layered with a chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. 

Your cakes are celebrities in their own right
— Beatrice A.