Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your cakes?

All of our cakes are designed to suit your personal requirements and the prices are based on the size of the cake, final design and the cost is calculated to include delivery and setup depending on the location of the venue. For a specific quote please contact us using the form on the website with enough information about your event.  

How soon should I book my wedding cake?

We get a lot of enquiries for the most popular wedding months of the year, so we would always encourage you to book as soon as possible. For weddings in April – September, we would advise at least 6-9 months in advance, although we currently have dates booked for more than a year in advance. We are sometimes able to accommodate a last minute request, so send us an email and we will always try to help.

We do ask that you have a date and a venue booked before ordering your cake as these details will determine our availability. The quality of our cakes is of utmost importance to us and therefore we take on a limited number of bookings for any date to ensure that we don’t compromise on service. 

Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

We get asked this question a lot! Wedding cakes can seem very costly, however they are very labour intensive to create. The work begins with the designing, planning and discussion with you so that the cake is exactly as you dream. Each bespoke wedding cake then requires hours (often days) of work in preparation, baking, levelling and filling, even before the decoration is added. The decorative work is equally as labour intensive, if not more. Simple cakes can often be rather deceiving and require a lot more work than meets the eye. On average, a wedding cake takes the best part of a week to make – much longer if there are lots of sugar flowers to make! We do not mass produce our cakes, neither do we use preservatives. Our cakes are known for being absolutely delicious and this comes down to the quality of the ingredients we use, which also come at a price. We take great pride in executing intricate and glamorous details on our wedding cakes and as with any custom craftsmanship, the quality of our work is reflected in the price of our cakes. We can assure you that we (and most other reputable cake artists) are not charging more "just because it's a wedding". 

I don’t live in the UK but I will be having my wedding there – how can I order a cake?

We have dealt with clients who are not resident in the UK but have chosen to get married in one of the fabulous venues in this country. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours and can arrange a telephone discussion as mutually convenient. Once you are in the UK we can arrange a consultation at which you can taste a selection of our cakes and finalise any details.

I’ve seen a cake that I like – can you copy it?

We love to make bespoke cakes which are tailored perfectly to your special day, taking into account your colour scheme, theme and preferences. We will certainly use any images that you show us as inspiration to get an idea of what you like and can customise a design, however we do try to steer away from wholesale copying of an existing cake design. 

Do we have to have fruit cake?

Only if you want to! In days gone by brides would be told that the bottom tier of the cake must be a fruit cake in order to bear the weight of additional tiers. Thankfully those days are no more and you can have any flavour of cake in any of your tiers. We ensure that all of our cakes are well supported, secure and level when stacked and set up at your venue. We have a wide range of delicious flavours for you to choose from. 

Do you deliver?

We always recommend having your cake personally delivered by one of our team to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. Unfortunately we have heard of instances where family members become fast and furious drivers en route to the wedding reception, leaving the cake in crumbs! Our delivery charges are based on the location of the wedding and distance from our London studio. 

My Aunty/Friend/Sister is making the cake – can you decorate it?

Our kitchen and our processes have been inspected and reviewed to accord with Food Safety and Environmental Health regulations. We are required to be able to trace the source of all our ingredients which is something we cannot do for cakes not baked by Teal and Roses. We are therefore unable to decorate cakes made by others.

How do we keep any leftover cake?

If you are lucky enough to have any cake remaining after your wedding or party, we would advise wrapping well in cling film and storing in a cool, dark place – out of direct sunlight. Cakes don’t like being in the fridge – they will dry out. However should you wish to keep some for later, the cake will keep well properly wrapped in the freezer. 

Do you make cakes for other celebrations?

Yes! Although we spend most of our time making and delivering wedding cakes, we do often have capacity for birthday cakes and other celebration cakes. We would advise also booking any celebration cakes well in advance. All celebration cakes are subject to a minimum order value of £250.00. We also offer stunning dessert tables and candy buffets designed according to the theme of your wedding with an array of sweet treats for your guests to enjoy once the formalities are over.