Designing your perfect wedding cake


It’s undoubtedly the most important – and the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy in your life, for the most important day of your life. A wedding cake is not just a something sweet for your guests to enjoy – it will act as a centrepiece at your wedding reception, to be admired for hours before it is devoured.

As we always advise our couples, your cake should be a reflection of your personalities and the style and theme of your wedding. Don’t restrict yourself to a cake you’ve seen on the internet or at someone else’s wedding – the options really are endless.

Here are some things to take into account to help you to achieve the cake of your dreams.

Colour & Style

One of the easiest ways to incorporate custom elements into your wedding cake is by using the colours of the day in the design. This could be in flowers, trims or ribbons, or even in the colour of the cake itself. Traditionally wedding cakes are white or ivory, but on your special day, you make the rules! Pastel shades are increasingly popular, especially blush and powder blue and bring in your colours without being too dramatic. Think about the design of your reception venue, your wedding dress and the bridesmaids dress. Lace, ruffles, sequins or satin – all of these elements can be incorporated into your wedding cake.


Your floral decorations and bouquet can be a great source of inspiration for your wedding cake. We can also recreate any of your flowers in sugar to adorn your cake. Fresh flowers are an alternative, and we can liaise with your florist for the perfect match. For a stricter budget, we can source very realistic looking artificial flowers to elegantly decorate your cake.


Brides often come to us knowing how many tiers they want their cake to be, but don’t always take into account the number of guests they will serve. Sometimes there is a way round this, by having additional cutting cakes in the kitchen to provide extra portions. It’s worth thinking about the number of guests at the wedding, as this number will help us advise how many tiers you would need.

Your Cake Designer

Most cake designers have their own style and you can often get a good idea of their style from looking at their previous designs. Make sure that you like their style and that you are comfortable that they can execute your design. Rustic buttercream cakes for instance, are not something that we do routinely, so it would make sense to approach a designer who does great buttercream wedding cakes.  


Custom wedding cakes don’t come cheap. The time, expertise and hard work that goes into each one comes at a cost and contrary to some opinion, a wedding cake is more than “just sugar, butter and eggs”! We would advise doing some research to determine a realistic budget. It’s unlikely that you will be able to get a high quality, well designed 5 tier cake with intricate design for £300. Bear in mind that the more detailed the cake, the more it is likely to cost. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Be honest about your budget – we can come up with options to suit a realistic budget, rather than spending time to create a very detailed design with trailing sugar flowers that costs three times more than your budget. Be prepared to compromise – artificial flowers are cheaper than sugar flowers, for example.

We can work with you to create a stunning centrepiece for your big day – contact us to start discussing your ideas today. 


Fashion Illustrator & Designer